BBC News South Feature

Date Published 04 June 2020

During the hard lockdown, when all team of Distinct was at home (some working, some not), we did all we could to support our landlords as well as the tenants.

We completely lost new sales side of our business as many other agents but I was absolutely determined to continue delivering value and relevant information to you as well as general public during those times as entire pandemic has been a real shock to the system for everyone. My focus has always been to look after our clients assets, help them to make the most profit from those assets and that continued through the lockdown.

In my life, I have also learnt that the easiest way to deal with crisis is to focus on supporting and helping others less fortunate as it takes mind off a little from your own worries.

As this country's employment is driven by small businesses , I have always been supporting those and decided for Distinct Property Consultants to support a great project called Circle of Kindness that buys good from those local businesses that had to close down and re-distributes the stock to others in need.

The whole project was noticed by BBC South and received a coverage tonight on BBC South News. I am very proud that we, as a Company, based on our values and ethos could be a part of this amazing project.

Thank you for reading and thank you for trusting us with your properties through the pandemic and beyond.

Sarka Wilde
Managing Director