How to add value to your property

Date Published 13 October 2017

There are many ways to improve the value of your property in preparation for sale. The lengths you go to will be budget and time dependent of course.

To start with let's look at some simple changes we are all capable of, and can fit in that half an hour between the washing up and settling down to watch the soaps.

China Dogs
A tidy and uncluttered house makes it easier for potential buyers to see what space is available for their own clutter!

Using the wardrobe to hang your clothes at the end of the day instead of a chair is a simple improvement.

Putting the children and the pets' toys away is advisable, and if you can get them to do it themselves, the children anyway, then even better. If space is short use under bed storage tubs, or shelving under the stairs.

Maybe you have a fabulous collection of dog ornaments from around the world. While they might be precious and sentimental to you, to a potential buyer they are dust trap, and detract them from seeing a possible selling feature, like a period fireplace. As painful as it may be, carefully wrap up and store the dogs until you are in your new property.

Scrub Up
Just as going to a restaurant and sitting at a dirty table can be off putting, so can walking round a prospective house and seeing it mucky. A bit of dust won't put anyone off, but unclean kitchen tops, and grubby toilets and sinks will. Have a quick scan of yours before you head out each day, in case a viewing is arranged. Many people insist on replacing bathroom suites when they move to a new property anyway, but don't let yours be driven down in price for the sake of a bottle of bleach and a scrubbing brush.

Regularly running the vacuum cleaner over improves the look too. It's a bit like looking at a freshly mown lawn.

Conjuring BBQ Images
Talking of lawns. Do not neglect the outside of the property. Keeping grass and weeds under control and sweeping the pathway is as important as the inside presentation. If you have the space then a bench or table and chairs is a great addition as it conjures up images of summer barbecues with friends, or sitting out with breakfast and the Sunday papers.

Clear any passageways around the property, for easy viewing access. If wheelie bins and push bikes are blocking access it highlights that space is an issue.

Clearing visible weeds from gutters, helps project a low maintenance property.

Brushing away cobwebs and cleaning door and window frames is beneficial to the out and inside of the property.

Bigger Budget
If your budget allows, painting rooms in a neutral colour scheme works best. If you can stretch to carpets and curtains too even better.

Possibly the property you are selling has been a rental income for you and it's now empty. If you can put some furniture in it will help a buyer to visualise how each room works. If you don't have any available, short term furniture hire is available from many places.

One final note
A vase of fresh flowers on the dining room table or kitchen window sill is a welcoming site.