Please Don`t Forget The Customer, As The War Of The Portals Continue

Date Published 19 March 2015

Two recent articles in Estate Agency Today highlight the continued fight between Zoopla and the new On The Market property portals.
In one Zoopla's PR machine takes a swipe at On The Market's audience with Ian Springett (OTMs Chief Executive) responding and putting his slant on the figures.
In the other article questions the traffic figures achieved by On The Market, with another scathing retort from Mr Springett.
However, in the apparently increasingly heated exchange, we wonder where consideration for the customer has gone?

We at Distinct Estate Agents (an agency set up with a huge customer focussed ethos) have concerns as it seems that in this battle of the portals the consumer has been forgotten.
With these two portals battling out, and On The Market effectively forcing agents to choose between the two, there appears to be a focus by some in the industry on fragmenting property advertising.

Distinct Estate Agents have been set up to offer a less stressful way for people to sell or let their property and we therefore have reservations that the fallout from this battle is that the consumer will be less certain where to look for property, and where their property is advertised.

We continue to monitor the effectiveness of our marketing, focussing on the best results for our customers, and how we can ensure that the best buyer or tenant is found in the quickest time. But I worry that the portals may be losing that focus.

Hopefully this intense rivalry will soon settle down and the portals can focus on what they do best, which is providing a vehicle to connect property owners with buyers and tenants. In the meantime Distinct Estate Agents will certainly continue to ensure that their customers get the best marketing for their properties, using whichever portal delivers the audience that is right for them.