What Sort Of Service Do You Deserve When Selling Your House?

Date Published 12 May 2015

One of the most stressful things to do is to move house, and there are invariably three main services you cannot avoid in the process, the mortgage company, the solicitor and the estate agent. All of these organisations will take a significant fee for what is a very complex and often difficult process. It is, however, fair to expect a high level of customer service for that investment, so what can you expect from your estate agent.

Free valuations: Every estate agent will offer you a free valuation; however this is a crucial time to offer outstanding customer service. It is said on average we will move homes once every ten years, and therefore even if this is not your first move, things will have changed since the last time you dipped a toe in the property market. It is incumbent upon the agent to offer advice and support at this stage, not to just sell their service! A good agent will take the time to explain the process, produce a set of comparable properties that have sold recently in the area and have a grown up conversation about your needs and the outcome you want from the sale. A great estate agent will then recommend a few options that will help you achieve what you need, be it a quick sale, the maximum possible value or just the right price to move into the next dream home.

Marketing: One of the ways an agent can offer excellent customer service is to ensure that your property is marketed rapidly and well. If the agent promises to get you on Rightmove
and Zoopla
that day, the least you should expect is that the right details are uploaded, but there is an opportunity for a great agent to send you the link as peace of mind! Erecting boards can cause friction, it is fair for the agent to seek permission before getting one erected and never to try and force you to take one. Boards are a great way to ensure that prospective buyers are aware that you are on the market, and certainly recommended, but it is your property and your decision.

Viewings: The right marketing will certainly generate interest, but the best agents ensure that those that come to your property are well qualified in advance. It is completely justified to become frustrated by a succession of people coming to your house and all commenting that they wanted something with bigger garden/bedrooms or in a different area. A great agent will do their best to make sure every viewing knows what they can expect from the property, and they should be at the property during the viewings. It is fair to expect an agent to accompany those visiting your house, and be in a position to handle any questions or to take the buyer through the process.

Negotiation: This part of the process is where a great estate agent can really show fabulous customer service to both sides of the sale. As the expert it is important that the agent supports both sides, offering advice and recommendations to help both buyer and vendor get the best result. The agent can recommend a solicitor who will work the way you want to, they can take both parties through the process and keep them both fully informed about what is happening and an anticipated completion timescale, along with any impact from the (almost inevitable) delays experienced during the process. By keeping both parties fully updated you will feel far more in control of the whole experience, it also means both sides are less likely to pull out, but if they do you will know much sooner.

Chasing the sale: If an agent really cares about both parties it is obvious in the way they handle any hiccoughs experienced along the way. Sometimes the smallest issue can threaten to derail a sale, but a great agent will seek a true win/win result and try to ensure both parties feel they have the best deal.

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