Will All Private Landlords Be Soon Expected To Police The Immigration Status Of Tenants?

Date Published 15 May 2015

In December 2014, as a consequence of the Immigration Act 2014 the government piloted a scheme where landlords became responsible for checking the immigration status of their tenants across the West Midlands. Following the success of the Conservatives in the general election, this scheme may be rolled out across the UK as soon as this summer.

With fines of up to £3,000 for private landlords who fail to comply there is some resistance to the idea, especially from the Residential Landlords Association, who feel this should be the responsibility of the border agency. Despite this resistance there is a high probability that the proposal will be enacted soon. To comply the landlord is required to check the documentation, and retain a copy for a year after the tenancy ends. There will be an online form to complete in the event of an on-going application, and, of course, a help line to call.

The good news is that where the agent has accepted responsibility for compliance (and Distinct Estate Agents will accept that responsibility) they are liable rather than the landlord. So if you want to avoid the additional strain and hassle why not give us a call on 01295 72 42 43 and chat with one of our property experts?

Image courtesy of BrandonSigma at freedigitalphotos.net