Will Property Owners Become Collateral Damage In The Latest Battle Of The Portals?

Date Published 04 February 2015

The recent launch of a new property portal aimed at getting high street agents to work together may, interestingly, reduce the visibility of their clients' properties, have they shot themselves in the foot? It is reported that to join the participating agents have to agree to drop either Rightmove or Zoopla, the two most searched property portals in the UK.

Will this unusual tactic backfire on the participants? The decision to force participants to drop either the 21st most visited site in the UK* ( Rightmove ) or the 55th most visited site in the UK* ( Zoopla ) may be open to question, certainly This Is Money seem to think so ( read ThisIsMoneyNov http:// ) . Unless, and until the new site achieves such search results it is likely that sellers will lose out. It is commonly believed that the longer a property is on the market the less desirable it is perceived by buyers, and consequently offers will be significantly lower.

So watch this space, will the new site rise and replace Zoopla, or will the High Street agents trickle back to the site? Time will tell, in the short term Distinct Estate Agents will continue to advertise your property on both Rightmove and Zoopla, along with other portals, because we care most about selling your home. If you want to know why we are distinctly different why not get in touch?

* According to Alexia