Don`t Fall Foul Of The New Smoke Alarm Regulations!

Date Published 28 September 2015

From 1st October 2015 all rented residential accommodation will be legally required to have one smoke alarm ‘on each storey of the premises on which there is a room used wholly or partly as living accommodation'.

The regulations are fairly simple, with no specification on what type of alarm, just the number and when they need to be checked. The new regulations also now impose a requirement for carbon monoxide alarms to be installed where there is a solid fuel burner in a premises. There is a fine of up to £5,000 for non-compliance, and the responsibility lies exclusively with the landlord.

As a responsible letting agent, from the 1st October Distinct Estate Agents will ensure all the properties they manage comply with the new regulations, and will inform landlords of any non-compliance, ensuring our landlords don't inadvertently breach the new regulations.

With increasing numbers of regulations being created specifically around rented residential accommodation, it may be the time when, for your peace of mind, to engage a professional letting agent to manage your property. Distinct Estate Agents team are all experienced property professionals and all have their own property portfolio, so understand the needs of a landlord. Why give them a call for a free no obligation review of your portfolio. Call 01295 724243, or email