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The Best Ways Landlords in The Shires Can Insure Their Properties 12 August 2020

In this three-minute read, we explain what landlord insurance is and how to protect your property investment.

If the mere mention of the word "insurance" makes you want to nod off, here"s a quick hack to focus your mind.

Ask yourself this question: what"s the worst that could happen to your property investment?

Is it a flood, a fire, squatters, or a tenant tripping on a wobbly floorboard and suing you for every last penny? We bet you feel wide awake now.... Read More

Seven Steps to Being a Successful Landlord 05 August 2020

In this two-minute read, we look at seven fundamental steps landlords need to take to put themselves and their rental properties on the path to success.

Being a landlord can be challenging, complicated and confusing. But it doesn"t have to be that way.... Read More

Where Landlords Stand When It Comes to Evictions 02 August 2020

In this three-minute read, we look at the latest news on the evictions front and the moves needed to avoid legal action.

It takes flexibility, compassion, and stamina to navigate the eviction process at the best of times. But, due to Covid-19, it takes more careful and considered steps than ever to repossess a property.... Read More

Preventative Measures to Help Reduce the Likelihood of Mould Growth 29 July 2020

Mould and damp are quite common issues in this country. Many of these issues are related to a change in temperature rather than a defect with the building structure and can be resolved with often minor changes to lifestyle.

The most important issues to address are to maintain a constant temperature within the property and to ventilate adequately.... Read More

Why opportunity is knocking for buyers and sellers in the The Shires property market 27 July 2020

In this two-minute read, we discover why the opportunity clocks are ticking for people wanting to make the most of the Stamp Duty holiday.

"Life is a Game" is a quote attributed to Mother Teresa, but it could be easily applied to property.
And as with all games, there are winners and losers when it comes to selling a home.... Read More

What landlords in The Shires need to know about `No DSS` court ruling 22 July 2020

In this three-minute read, we look at what a recent court ruling that found a "no DSS" letting ban was unlawful means for landlords.

A disabled mum-of-two emerged victorious from York County Court earlier this month after winning a case that sent ripples through the lettings industry.... Read More

Every Chipping Norton Homeowner & Landlord to Receive up to £5,000 Grant for Roof Insulation & Double Glazing from September 22 July 2020

The Chancellor announced on Wednesday 8th July in his mini Budget some interesting news for Chipping Norton homeowners and Chipping Norton landlords. Rishi Sunak is going to give ‘The Green Homes Grant" of up to £5,000 to cover two-thirds of the costs of environmentally friendly upgrades to your Chipping Norton property, with the homeowner covering the other third.... Read More

Great news for first-time buyers in North Cotswolds, Warwickshire & Banbury as popular mortgages return 20 July 2020

In this two-minute read, we look at the return of 90% loan to value mortgages (LTV) and the flurry of activity in the housing market.

The property market has received a shot in the arm with some lenders including Nationwide reintroducing 90% LTV mortgages for first-time buyers.... Read More

Three reasons to support sports clubs and arts groups in The Shires 19 July 2020

In this three-minute read, we look at why our sports clubs and arts groups in The Shires are so crucial to our communities.

It was a sad and sorry sight when clubhouses, theatres and church halls were mothballed during the lockdown. Places that once buzzed with activity sat empty; the groups who once occupied them hit for six by social distancing rules.... Read More

What landlords in The Shires need to know about Stamp Duty and the Green Homes Grant 15 July 2020

In this three-minute read, we look at what the Stamp Duty holiday and a new grant scheme for green home improvements mean for landlords.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak made two big announcements about the property market last week and triggered a flurry of activity.... Read More

Stamp Duty Changes – A big Step forward for the Four Shires property market 10 July 2020

A 2-minute read.

The Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced sweeping changes on Wednesday afternoon around Stamp Duty which is excellent news for anyone thinking of buying a home in Four Shires.

Stamp Duty is a tax applied when you buy a property and the announcement that there will be a payment holiday starting immediately means homebuyers will save thousands of pounds.... Read More

What do landlords in The Shires need to know about rent arrears? 08 July 2020

In this two-minute read, we look at helpful new advice for landlords dealing with cases of rent arrears.

At the beginning of the pandemic, many predicted Covid-19 would have a disastrous impact on the private rental sector.

But new figures show that 90% of tenants have paid their rent in full during the pandemic—a better result than many had anticipated.... Read More