Right To Rent Checks

Date Published 29 January 2016

Yet more legislation imposed on embattled private landlords

On February 1st private landlords have yet another regulation to cope with. This, in addition to the shock rise in stamp duty, must make many feel they have done something to upset the current government. Many will be considering exiting their investments, however, despite this it is still possible to succeed as a landlord, by getting a good Letting Agent.

This scheme, piloted in the West Midlands make private Landlords responsible for checking the immigration status of tenants. Landlords are required to use a list of acceptable documents acceptable documents to determine that the tenant has a ‘right to rent'. Failure to check this will result in a £3,000 fine. This new requirement adds to the complex legal requirements already in place. The government have issued a code of practice for landlords to read, giving advice and detail. The one detail which is of note is that any landlord can pass on the liability for a penalty to an agent.

Distinct Estate Agents will always be happy to take on this responsibility for their landlords, we are abreast of the legislation and will ensure all new tenants provide proof of their ‘right to rent'.

If this is the proverbial ‘straw that breaks the camel's back' on you running your own portfolio then this could be the time to contact Distinct Estate Agents. If you would like to find out more about engaging Distinct Estate Agents, do not hesitate to get in touch here .