Distinct Estate Agents Improves Referencing Service

Date Published 08 May 2015

By including CIFAS in their referencing process Distinct have a significantly more robust mechanism to protect our landlords.

When letting your property it is important to have the peace of mind that the tenant is exactly who they say they are and will pay their monthly rent whilst occupying your property. To achieve this most estate agents will go to a referencing agency to ensure the applicant can afford the payments, and also to protect the landlord in the unlikely event that they don't. However, it is fair to say, very few agents include a CIFAS fraud check in that referencing service. Distinct Estate Agents are pleased to announce that every every application is put through a thorough fraud check via Cifas.

Checking applicants via Cifas ensures that unsuitable tenants are less likely to move into the property, with more robust and secure background checking. The check highlights people who are listed on the disqualified persons list and who are officially listed as not having the right to reside in the UK. It will identify victims of ID theft, ensuring that the right parson is being referenced and also accesses the Royal Mail redirection service to help spot potential fraud.

The process had already weeded out a fraudulent application which was highlighted as the applicant didn't have the right to reside in the UK, and also one involved in organised crime. This new service will make a difference, either dissuading inappropriate applicants from applying or catching them out if they do!

If you are a landlord or planning to invest in a buy-to-let property and have any questions in relation to referencing or any other letting aspect, do call our office 01295 724243 or email us at hello@distinctestateagents.co.uk for a non-obligation chat or alternatively write us through our contact form Selling