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Five reasons to smile in The Shires this Feelgood Friday 29 May 2020

In this two-minute read, we look around the UK and the World to see what"s been bringing a smile to people"s faces.

Taking the biscuit
If you"re looking for an excuse to raid the biscuit tin, we"ve got one. Today is National Biscuit Day, a chance to celebrate the humble hobnob, bless the bourbon, and commend the custard cream.... Read More

Why your Kitchen can Boost Your Wealth AND your Health 28 May 2020

In this 90 second Fast Thursday read we look at some simple ways you can turn what you do indoors into protecting your immune system when you are outdoors.

On average there"s one room in peoples" homes across The Shires which is more valuable than others.... Read More

Why the Property Market in The Shires won`t have a holiday this summer 26 May 2020

Let"s look at the two things which seem sure to happen during this year"s summer holiday season—a 3-minute read.

It"s the ‘will we, won"t we?" question of the moment.
Will we get our two weeks holiday in the sun? Or won"t we?

The current situation means it"s unclear if people in the UK will be able to make their annual summer pilgrimage abroad to sunnier climes.... Read More

It`s a Feelgood Friday Time in The Shires 22 May 2020

Here"s a two-minute dose of positivity to get you through another Feelgood Friday since lockdown.
Let"s take a moment to celebrate some of the joyous, upbeat, and downright quirky stories that made us smile this week.

The Knitting Nana
A nimble-fingered Norfolk Nana is raising funds for the NHS.... Read More

Discover how pets are keeping people in The Shires calm and happy 21 May 2020

In this two-minute read, we look at the ways pets are bringing comfort, companionship, and calmness to people across The Shires. And what you can do to help your furry friends in return.
It"s often said the UK is made up of animal lovers.

And since the lockdown began that love affair has grown even stronger.... Read More

What do Elvis and our approach to The Shires` property market have in common? 18 May 2020

In this three-minute read, we look in more depth at the Government guidelines released last week which kick-started the property market in The Shires.

On Wednesday last week, it was officially announced estate agents in England could go back to work as part of the Government"s phased relaxation of the lockdown.... Read More

It`s a Feelgood Friday in The Shires 15 May 2020

It"s our fourth Feelgood Friday since start of lockdown, and this week we have something for everyone. A two-minute positivity filled read.

As we enter a different phase in life under lockdown, we"re starting to feel more positive about the future.... Read More

Join the people in The Shires who are digging their way to better health 14 May 2020

In this two-minute read, we look at why doing a spot of gardening is good for your health and potentially your wealth.

Alongside home baking, videoconferencing, and hair clippers the popularity of the Great British outdoors has rocketed since the lockdown began.... Read More

Breaking News – Property market in England is given the green light to start back up 13 May 2020

A 1 minute read.

According to the BBC, restrictions around property viewings and transactions are to be lifted today.

At 7.30 pm yesterday evening the BBC published an article stating that the Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick is expected to announce that the housing market in England can resume.... Read More

A Covid-19 update for Landlords and Homeowners in The Shires 12 May 2020

In this 90-second read, we give you an update on what the Government"s report issued yesterday means to people thinking of selling or letting in The Shires.

The UK Government"s plan to steer the four nations through the Covid-19 storm was released yesterday at 2 pm.... Read More

How to get your home in The Shires ready for sale – safely and successfully 11 May 2020

In this three-minute read, we share four simple ways you can get your property ready for sale if you are thinking of moving when lockdown ends. And we share four things we"re doing to continue serving our clients and to keep everyone as safe as possible.... Read More

How to (virtually) make the most of life under lockdown in The Shires 11 May 2020

Life under lockdown and respecting social distancing guidelines needn"t mean you have no social life as this 2-minute read explains.

Across The Shires people are getting creative and using technology in several ways to come together during a time when for the good of us all, we"re keeping apart.... Read More